Distinct ONC RPC for Windows for C or C++

ONC RPC (also called Sun RPC) has withstood the test of time as an efficient standards-based way to produce real distributed applications that communicate seamlessly over heterogeneous networks.

Distinct’s ONC RPC implementation, for C and C++ Windows developers (a 64-bit ONC RPC Toolkit is also available), was the first ONC RPC/XDR implementation to be made available for Windows, making it possible to have real distributed applications across all platforms including Windows. It too has withstood the test of time.

The Distinct ONC RPC-Toolkit implements the Sun Microsystems RPC standard and contains all necessary tools for developing both Windows client and Windows server portions of a distributed network application using remote procedure calls (RPCs). Such an application will be able to communicate with ONC RPC clients and servers running on different systems, as data is transferred using the external data representation (XDR) in a format independent of the processors and operating systems involved.

The Distinct ONC RPC-library is a Microsoft Windows dynamic link library (DLL), which can be used by any Windows application. It is an extension of the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) and allows a Windows application to issue remote procedure calls to a network server and to register its own remote procedure services for use by one or more network clients. With Distinct ONC RPC you can protect your company’s investments in older RPC based applications by providing user friendly Windows based front ends to interface with them.

Distinct ONC RPC for C and C++ is your choice when you need to program an ONC RPC application on any Windows platform in C or C++ or Delphi because while being standards based and RFC compliant with the Sun ONC RPC/XDR standards, Distinct ONC RPC / XDR is not a mere port from the Sun RPC code for UNIX. Distinct ONC RPC / XDR is specifically designed and implemented to provide best performance in the Windows operating systems. Well tested on the market over the years, Distinct ONC RPC / XDR for Windows has been the choice for corporations worldwide.

Back in 1988 Distinct was the first company to bring ONC RPC to Windows, making it possible to have real distributed applications across all platforms. Today Distinct maintains its position as the market leader for ONC RPC in the Windows and Java marketplace.

Competitive Advantage

Some of the salient features that make Distinct ONC RPC/XDR stand out are its support for:
  • Full multithreading
  • Asynchronous RPC calls
  • Batched calls
  • Unix Authentication
  • Support for AUTH_DES (Secure RPC)*
  • RPCBIND protocol (versions 2, 3 and 4)
  • Increased performance using Winsock version 2
  • Allows support for RPC application to run without the Portmapper or RPCBIND
  • Broadcast RPC
  • RPCINFO with support for RPCBIND
  • Samples for Microsoft® Visual C++™, Borland® C Builder™ and Borland® Delphi™
*Only included in version 4.0.ENCR. Note that the license for this version contains more stringent export regulations than our standard version. Please contact your Distinct representative for more information.

In addition RPCGEN:
  • Supports multiple arguments per call (extended XDR-standard)
  • Supports multiple interface versions in one server
  • Allows the optional use of a C preprocessor (for code with #ifdefs)
Other versions
In addition to Distinct ONC RPC / XDR Toolkit for Windows C/C++ and ONC RPC/XDR Tollkit 64-bit Distinct offers:
System Requirements
This Toolkit requires Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, 2008 or Windows Vista. The Run Time environment can also be installed on Windows 98 or Windows 95.

Expected time savings: 48 man-months
Expected time savings is the time that, based on our experience, would take a skilled developer with good understanding of TCP/IP networking and very well versed in C or C++, to develop this object. This time can be used as a guideline of the cost involved if you choose to develop it yourself or have someone else develop it for you.

Technical support.
We stand behind our product 100%. Check out our new support center. You will find the most comprehensive technical support center in the net tools business, featuring a comprehensive knowledge base, AskCody™ and an email-based Support Center.

Additional RPC resources

The Distinct ONC RPC Toolkits comply with the standard specifications found in the public documents known as RFCs) (Request For Comments).  To access these RFCs, clink on the links below:

RFC 1831 (RPC: Remote Procedure Call Protocol Specification)
RFC 1832 (XDR: External Data Representation Standard).
RFC 1833 (RPC: Binding Protocols)
RFC 2695 (Authentication Mechanisms for ONC RPC)

Recommended Book

We recommend reading "Power Programming with RPC." The author is John Bloomer and the publisher is O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.  This book explains how to use remote procedure calls to distribute applications to multiple heterogeneous computers or servers on your network. 

Product Documentation for RPC / XDR for C and C++ version

View full product documentation for RPC / XDR for C and C++.

Trial Download:  RPC / XDR Toolkit for C and C++

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Who uses RPC:

EMC Corp.
Spring Tide Networks
AT&T Wireless
Analog Devices
E*Trade UK
Scientific Atlanta
Ernst & Young
General Instruments
Jet Propulsion Labs
DST Innovis
and many others
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