Distinct 64-bit ONC RPC/XDR

Distinct’s ONC RPC implementation, for C and C++ Windows developers, was the first ONC RPC/XDR implementation to be made available for Windows, making it possible to have real distributed applications across all platforms including Windows. Distinct has continuously supported its RPC customers making its RPC products available on new platforms as they became available. Now Distinct has added a 64-bit Windows version to its range of platforms. Distinct’s continued support of ONC RPC/XDR has made it possible for many corporations to maintain their investments in existing technologies while providing the ability to move the front end of the applications to a more user-friendly windows platform.

Distinct ONC RPC for C and C++ is your choice when you need to program an ONC RPC application on any Windows platform in C or C++ . It is standards based and RFC compliant with the Sun ONC RPC/XDR standards, Remember, Distinct ONC RPC / XDR is not a mere port from the Sun RPC code for UNIX. Distinct ONC RPC / XDR is specifically designed and implemented to provide best performance in the Windows operating systems. Well tested on the market for longer than any other ONC RPC/XDR for Windows, Distinct ONC RPC / XDR for Windows has been the choice for corporations worldwide.

ONC RPC/XDR remains a front runner choice when it comes to writing distributed applications and now with Distinct’s 64-bit implementation released you know that Distinct has kept its commitment to support you over time.

Competitive Advantage
Some of the salient features that make Distinct ONC RPC/XDR stand out are its support for:
  • Full multithreading
  • Asynchronous RPC calls
  • Batched calls
  • Unix Authentication
  • RPCBIND protocol (versions 2, 3 and 4)
  • Increased performance using Winsock version 2
  • Allows support for RPC application to run without the Portmapper or RPCBIND
  • Broadcast RPC
  • RPCINFO with support for RPCBIND
  • Samples for 64-bit Windows

In addition RPCGEN:
  • Supports multiple arguments per call (extended XDR-standard)
  • Supports multiple interface versions in one server
  • Allows the optional use of a C preprocessor (for code with #ifdefs)

Other versions
In addition to Distinct ONC RPC / XDR Toolkit for Windows C/C++ for x64 systems, Distinct offers:
System Requirements
This Toolkit requires Windows x64.

Request a trial copy of Distinct ONC RPC/XDR Toolkit 64-bit.

Technical support.
We stand behind our product 100%. Check out our new support center. You will find the most comprehensive technical support center in the net tools business, featuring a comprehensive knowledge base, AskCody™ and an email-based Support Center.

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See ONC RPC Client Server programming for Windows for additional information.

Who uses RPC:

EMC Corp.
Spring Tide Networks
AT&T Wireless
Analog Devices
E*Trade UK
Scientific Atlanta
Ernst & Young
General Instruments
Jet Propulsion Labs
DST Innovis
and many others
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