Distinct ONC RPC Toolkit for Windows Mobile

Distinct’s ONC RPC/XDR Toolkit for Windows Mobile will add mobility to your Sun RPC based distributed applications. By utilizing the client/server architecture of ONC RPC, Distinct’s RPC for Windows Mobile puts access to the computing resources of powerful servers in the palm of your hand. Sun RPC provides an efficient standards-based way to produce real distributed applications that communicate seamlessly over heterogeneous networks; now with this new toolkit from Distinct a PocketPC or a Smartphone can also have access to virtually unlimited remote computing power to perform CPU intensive computations or to query and even update large databases.

Distinct ONC RPC Features

Our Windows Mobile RPC library features:
  • Full multithreading support for both clients and servers – allowing both single or multithreaded servers.
  • Batched calls to reduce communication overhead
  • Asynchronous calls allow polling instead of blocking operations
  • Unix-style authentication
  • Broadcast RPC
  • Support for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks
  • High performance networking subsystem using Windows Sockets version 2
  • Support for RPCBIND (version 3 or 4) as well as Portmapper (version 2) Automatically detects and uses correct version of Portmapper or RPCBIND
  • Ability to create ONC RPC applications that use a fixed port and do not use Portmapper or RPCBIND
  • RPCInfo utility with graphical interface supports IPv6 addresses and all versions of RPCBIND
Toolkit Features:
  • Over 20 client and server samples for Microsoft® Visual C++™. All samples are multithreaded and feature a graphical user interface. Samples are optimized and precompiled for both Windows Mobile 6 Standard and Professional
  • Comprehensive and detailed documentation
  • RPCGen utility allows multiple call arguments (extended XDR standard). It also processes multiple interface versions in one server definition file and optionally invoke the C preprocessor with a configurable command line
  • wRPCGen utility provides an easy to use graphical interface to RPCGen
  • Excellent support offered with subscription

Create distributed Client/Server applications for Smartphones and PocketPCs
The client/server approach to computing has long allowed devices to share computing resources across various servers on a network. Porting the client side of your ONC RPC applications to Windows Mobile will bring the power of your server applications right to the palms of your users’ hands. Imagine the time you can save for your company when employees do not have to run to a PC to get the information they need at any given moment in time. In a nutshell the Distinct ONC RPC/XDR Toolkit for Windows Mobile will help you protect your company’s investments in older RPC based applications by bringing them right to the people who need access to information now.

The Distinct ONC RPC/XDR Toolkit for Windows Mobile contains all the necessary tools for developing both Windows Mobile client and Windows Mobile server portions of a distributed network application using remote procedure calls (RPCs). Such an application will be able to communicate with ONC RPC clients and servers running on different systems, because data is transferred using the external data representation (XDR) in a format independent of the processors and operating systems involved.

The toolkit includes a variety of samples which were specifically written and optimized for the Windows Mobile environment. The samples illustrate basic ONC RPC programming for client and server applications, as well as more advanced topics such as multithreading, batching and asynchronous calls. Each sample is a complete application with a graphical user interface, and both client and server are provided.

The Distinct ONC RPC/XDR Libraries for Windows Mobile are Microsoft Windows dynamic link libraries (DLLs), which can be used by any Windows Mobile 6 application. They are an extension of the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Software Development Kit (SDK) and allow a Windows application to issue remote procedure calls to a network server and to register its own remote procedure services for use by one or more network clients. While the libraries and their API are standards based and RFC compliant with the original Sun ONC RPC/XDR standards, Distinct ONC RPC / XDR for Windows Mobile is not merely a port from the Sun RPC code for UNIX. The libraries are specifically designed and implemented to provide the best performance in the Windows Mobile operating system. The networking subsystem of the RPC libraries uses Windows Sockets version 2 for high performance, and includes support for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

Can I really create a usable interface on these small devices?
We think that the answer to that is yes! Whether your application reads inventory from a warehouse system, gets information processed by powerful servers to the user or simply provides quick database information from a remote database you will find that it is not so hard to downsize the user interface to fit your selected device. For example below we show two screen shots of our RPCInfo utility running on a Smartphone and the PocketPC. As you can see users can easily scroll through their important data in seconds.
On the left a screen shot of the RPCInfo utility taken on a Smartphone running Windows Mobile Standard; on the right a screen shots of the RPCInfo utility taken on a PocketPC running Windows Mobile 6 Professional (right). The PocketPC was switched to landscape mode to display more columns of the listing.

Time Savings
Build versus Buy is always a good consideration especially in today’s economy. Invest wisely. That is exactly why using Distinct ONC RPC is a smart and efficient choice. With Distinct, not only do you get the benefit of our long experience creating ONC RPC toolkits but you will get your project out faster and at a lower cost. Deploying the Distinct RPC for Windows Mobile libraries is expected to save approximately 48 man-months of software development. The expected time savings is the time that, based on our experience, it would take a skilled developer with a good understanding of TCP/IP networking and very well versed in C or C++, to develop this software. This time estimate can be used as a guideline of the cost involved should you choose to develop the software yourself or have someone else develop it for you.

System Requirements
This toolkit requires Windows XP or Windows Vista. The run time supports Windows Mobile 6 Standard or Windows Mobile 6 Professional. Please contact your Distinct representative if you need support for the Pocket PC 2003 and Smartphone 2003 environments.

Technical Support
Distinct stands behind its product 100%. Check out our state of the art support center. You will find the most comprehensive technical support center in the networking tools business, featuring a comprehensive knowledge base, AskCody™ and an email-based Support Center for subscription customers.

Distinct was the first company to bring ONC RPC to Windows back in 1988 and has since provided toolkits for and supported Sun RPC developers around the globe. By extending support for ONC RPC to Windows Mobile, Distinct renews its commitment to carry on supporting RPC developers in the Windows and Java marketplace.

Take advantage of this limited time offer
For a limited time this toolkit comes with 10 client and server run time licenses at no additional cost.

Trial Download
Request your trial of the Distinct ONC RPC/XDR Toolkit for Windows Mobile.

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"Distinct ONC RPC/XDR for Windows mobile allows you to bring your legacy applications to the palm of your hand."

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EMC Corp.
Spring Tide Networks
AT&T Wireless
Analog Devices
E*Trade UK
Scientific Atlanta
Ernst & Young
General Instruments
Jet Propulsion Labs
DST Innovis
and many others
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